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Stain Removal Birmingham

Stain Removal
Adchem offers professional carpet cleaning and upholstery spot treating and stain removal service.

We will identify potential permanent stains and give you evaluation of expected results. Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and are stain-free. Hot cleaning solutions are injected deeply into the carpet at high pressure and are instantly extracted. That way the carpet is thoroughly deep cleaned.

Stain removal information and notes
Although a highly experienced technician will do his up most to remove the stains from your carpets, you should bear in mind that some stains may cause permanent colour change to the fibres and may react with stain removal products.

In order to prevent any further damage to the carpet we will pre-test a small area of the stain with our professional stain removal products to check for any possible reaction or colour change.

We strongly recommend that all spills and stains should be treated as quickly as possible for an immediate effect. The longer the spot or stain remains on the carpet or fabric, the more difficult it will be to remove. Some spots and stains respond slowly. Some spots and stains cannot be removed from every fibre and fabric due to the differences in fibre, dyes, construction, finishes, composition of the spills, length of time the spot has remained in the article and many other factors. Always be aware that no guarantee can be given for complete stain removal. But if we cannot get it out then no one else can!

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Stain Removal Birmingham

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Very pleased with the results and more than pleased with the service.

Mrs Underwood of Great Barr Mrs Underwood of Great Barr

Had a settee and chair cleaned plus lounge carpet cleaned thoroughly. Thank you Tony

Mrs Ely of Great Barr Mrs Ely of Great Barr

we were very pleased with the job.

Mr Muzaffer of Harborne Mr Muzaffer of Harborne

Carpets look great thank you.

Mrs Chatham of Solihull Mrs Chatham of Solihull

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