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Pet Odour Deodorising Birmingham

Pet Odours and Accidents
We specialise in pet odour and deodorising treatments in Birmingham, as we are one of the highest pet loving nations in the world and so would not be without them. Sometimes our carpets and upholstery can pick up odours from our pets especially in the wet winter times when we have just taken them out for a walk, and sometimes they may have that little accident. Also if you have just moved into a new home and there has been a dog or cat present there can be an odour left behind that you don’t want because you may suffer with pet allergies. So our eco-friendly deodorising solution and high heat will wipe away all those unwanted odours and so will not harm you, your children or your pets.

Urine Contamination
The big problem with urine contamination the fact that the longer it is left on the carpet or fabric the more damage it’s going to do. When urine dries the urine salts crystallise, which then starts releasing that tell-tale odour, which will increase and get worse and worse. Urine when left can burn the fibres and fabric leaving a permanent stain. We have the right neutralising solutions and have carried out the training to industry standards and have the experience and equipment to deal with these types of situations. So the sooner you deal with the problem the better the result.

Nicotine and smoke contamination
Cigarette smoke and nicotine stains can leave a really nasty stale smell in your home, and it don’t just contaminate the carpets and upholstery. Nicotine stains and odours will be on the ceiling, walls and any other surface it comes into contact with. These are also highly toxic too and will affect your health and the breathing quality in your home.

Vomit Contamination
We have all been ill at some point in our lives and sometimes accidents do happen, but with vomit when it has been left on the carpet even after you have cleaned it up there is still an odour left behind. This is because there are small particles of bacteria deep in the fibres that will carry on realising that horrible odour, and because it is highly acidic there could be permanent damage if left on the carpet or upholstery. We have the right cleaning and deodorising solution to deal with these types of situations.

Accidental Food & Drink Spillages
If you’ve ever dropped drink or food by accident on your carpet or upholstery you know how much of a problem they can leave behind, even when you think you have cleaned all of it up. We find most of the time people will attempt to clean it up there self with a certain super market brand cleaner that gets a lot of advertising on the television. Because we are professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in Birmingham working in this industry we always say to every customer please do not use these chemicals on your carpet and upholstery. All they do is leave behind a foamy sticky residue substance in the fibres and eventually they will re-soil leaving a dirty dark mark. In some cases, when it has been used on a wool carpet it has even removed the colour leaving a pale mark. We have the equipment that flushes the spillage out of the fibres, and the correct cleaning and odour treatment solutions, to deal with every substance spilt, plus whatever we treat it with, will be fully rinsed from your carpet and upholstery, leaving them clean and residue free.

Pet Odour Deodorising

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