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Tile and Grout Cleaners Birmingham

Professional Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning and Restoration in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Welcome to Adchem your local professional tile and grout floor-cleaning and restoration specialists in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

When it comes to tile and grout floor cleaning we have taken the time and invested in the training and equipment to ensure we deliver a first class, superior floor tile and grout cleaning job to all the residential and commercial businesses throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. We know how expensive floor tiles are to buy and be installed by a professional expert tiler, so the last thing we want to do is damage your floor tiles.

Our process is highly effective for customers that have tile and grout flooring in their Kitchen, Bathroom, en-suite, Utility, Hallway entrances, Porches, Conservatories. Also in business premises in Birmingham where tile and grout flooring has become dirty. The reason for this is that the grout is porous and thus has tiny cavities that gradually fill with dirt. Mopping or steam cleaning will not remove the dirt as it glides over the surface of the tiles, so gradually the whole floor looks old and unclean even when you may have used bleach.

So we can clean your tile and grout flooring and restore it looking like the day it was installed.

Our Unique Multi-Step Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration Process

  • Step 1. Pre-inspection.
  • Step 2. Apply protective coverings.
  • Step 3. Sweep up all dust and debris.
  • Step 4. Apply safe cleaning solution to loosen up soils, grease and ground in dirt.
  • Step 5. Clean and brush around the corners and edges.
  • Step 6. Brush mechanical agitation.
  • Step 7. Hot water rinse and extract with a high-powered truck-mounted system using a spinner tool.
  • Step 8. Machine dry and buff the floor removing moisture, watermarks.
  • Step 9. Remove all protective coverings.
  • Step 10. Post inspection with our client.

Industrial and Commercial Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning and Restoration.
If you have dirty tile and grout flooring in Birmingham at your place of work or business that is in need of a deep thorough cleaning and restoration, we can help. Whether it is at a Factory, Office, Commercial Kitchen, Shop, Restaurant, Pub, Night club, Chip shop, Entrance reception, School, Nursery, Leisure centre, Shower room, Loading Bay, Hotel, Swimming pool or all other areas in the commercial areas, we can clean the floors. Sometimes the best way of understanding the results are by simply carrying out a test clean so you can see the expected results.

Residential, Domestic Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning and Restoration.

We can clean all your tile and grout flooring in your home in the Birmingham and West Midlands areas. Our multi-step process and High-powered truck-mounted system and unique rotating floor cleaning tool cleans deep down into the tiled floor and grouting, and will remove the grease, soils, and spillages from your tiles floor. Common examples are your Kitchen, Bathroom, Conservatory, Entrance hallway, Porch and any other place where you have a tiled floor in need of renovation.

Victorian tiled floors are a case in point. They are very porous and attract black marks over the years. The colours dull but with a clean and sometimes a little extra renovation they can be cleaned and the colours brought back to life.

Test Area and Demonstration.
If you have a tiled floor that is a natural stone in Birmingham like Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Marble, Granite, Porcelain, Terracotta, Flagstone or Minton Victorian flooring that has had a topical or impregnating sealer applied to the floor. Tiles which also have deep scratches, chipped or acid etching, you may need to seek the services of an expert that deals with full natural stone floor restoration in polishing and grinding. If you are unsure, please feel free to give us a call. However, if we can clean a test area then you will see just how good our cleaning can be.

Important Notice: If you have any cracked loose tiles and grouting from your flooring, we would not be able to clean your tile and grout flooring as the cleaning procedure might create even more damage to the floor. This also includes if there is poor grouting and tiling from when the tiled flooring was installed.

Tile and Grout Cleaners Birmingham

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