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Welcome to ADCHEM professional non-slip safety floor cleaning and restoration specialists in the Birmingham, West Midlands area. We use a unique multi-step cleaning process when we clean and restore non-slip vinyl safety flooring at your home or business. We use a state of the art high-powered truck-mounted system where by the solution and vacuum hoses run from the vehicle into the premises rinsing all the grime, dirt, soils, grease and cleaning solution out with high pressure water at 250 degrees Fahrenheit then extracted into a large waste water tank inside the vehicle.

So when you combine our experience and knowledge plus equipment, we are able to carry out the work swiftly, with less mess, leaving your Altro vinyl non-slip safety flooring looking as good as new as the day you had it installed. We also can clean and reseal Karndean and Amtico flooring too.

Our Unique Multi-Step Safety Non Slip Floor Cleaning and Restoration Process.

  • Step 1. Pre-inspection.
  • Step 2. Apply Protective Coverings.
  • Step 3. Sweep Up Dust and Debris.
  • Step 4. Clean Around Edges and Corners.
  • Step 5. Apply Heavy Duty Cleaning Solution To The Soiled Flooring.
  • Step 6. Rotary Mechanical Agitation of The Cleaning Solution into Flooring.
  • Step 7. Truck-Mounted High-Pressure Hot Water Rinse And Extraction.
  • Step 8. Dry Floor With a Rotary And Bonnet.
  • Step 9. Remove all Protective Coverings.
  • Step 10. Post inspection With our Client

Test Area: We will always need to carry out a small test on your safety non-slip flooring. That way you see the result that can be achieved and we know how long it will take, so we can accurately price the job.

This test will determine the finished result and will tell us exactly what needs to be carried out on the day of cleaning.

Without this test we would not be able to give you an accurate quotation.


Industrial and Commercial Safety Non Slip Floor Cleaning and Restoration.
Non-slip safety vinyl floor covering in Birmingham is used in a vast number of industrial and commercial premises due to it being hardwearing and having a non-slip surface, and you will find this type of floor covering in Schools, Nurseries, Restaurants, Pubs, Toilets, Washrooms, Canteens, Shops, Nursing homes, Shopping centres, Reception areas, Doctors surgeries, Dentists, Chemists, Night clubs and Factories. But because this type of flooring is semi porous it can be extremely hard work to keep the safety floor covering clean even with regular daily mopping. It is designed to "give" under pressure from the soles of a shoe and can do this because it is porous. But this in time can become dirty as the pores fill up. But with our method and cleaning system we can remove all dirt, grease, soils, and detergent residues that have been left behind with daily use, and cleaning and general mopping.

Residential, Domestic Safety Non Slip Floor Cleaning and Restoration
Over the past 15 years, non-slip safety vinyl floor covering has been used in residential, domestic properties throughout the Birmingham, West Midlands area in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wet rooms and Shower rooms, because of its non-slip capabilities. But every now and then these floors become soiled, dirty, greasy and full of detergent residues. These do not help to keep the floor surface non-slip and can become extremely dangerous in damp and wet areas. Our unique multi-step cleaning process will remove all the dirt, soils, grease and soap scum leaving your safety flooring cleaned and restored just like the day it was installed.

Important Notice: If you have non slip safety flooring that has any small tears, rips, holes or maybe the flooring is starting to lift due to poor adhesion or poor installation. We would not be able to clean and restore your flooring as our cleaning process could create further damage, so before cleaning can commence these repairs would need to be carried out by a professional before we carry out any cleaning. If you are unsure, please feel free to give us a call.


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    Mrs Underwood of Great Barr

    Very pleased with the results and more than pleased with the service.
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    Mrs Ely of Great Barr

    Had a settee and chair cleaned plus lounge carpet cleaned thoroughly. Thank you Tony
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    we were very pleased with the job.
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    Carpets look great thank you.
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    Ms Poole of Cheswick Green

    A brilliant job Tony. If you are needing a carpet cleaned, you need this man.

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